Project Manager

Architecture & Construction Company

Feb. 2023 to  present

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Play a crucial role in planning, executing, and closing projects within an organization to ensure successful project completion.

Supply Chain Manager

Shandong Lawrance Textiles Co., Ltd (CHINA) AJLAN & BROS. GROUP

June 2014 to June 2022

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I take the following positions from 2014 to 2022

• Planning Manager
• Central Planning Manager
• Logistics Manager
• Procurement Manager
• Sourcing Manager

• Responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the supply chain management function, as well as planning and directing business activities and operations, while ensuring that supply chain operations meet legal requirements and standards.

• Manage all aspects of supply chain logistics, from product development to finished product shipment, through effective planning, forecasting, material procurement, inventory control, warehousing, pricing, outsourcing and supplier selection.

• Manage all indicator reports of planned activities, analyze all results, recommend required performance improvements, and work with relevant departments and managers to predict the required strategies.

• Collaborate with people at different stages, from identifying problems, to finding solutions, to filling operational gaps, and making coordinated plans for business growth.

• Identify and drive continuous improvement opportunities, simplify processes, and improve operational accuracy and efficiency.

• Build good relationships both inside and outside the company.

• Handle communications and negotiate with suppliers and vendors to make more profitable deals.

• Comprehend legal documents, such as contracts or import/export agreements.

• Schedule and execute periodic evaluations to ensure suppliers and vendors comply with pricing contracts and agreements.

• Optimize warehouse functions, monitor stocks and oversee inventory procedures.

• Keep detailed records, generate reports, and develop presentations to help management understand the logistics perspective.

• Train and mentor employees, including reinforcement of safety guidelines.

Planning Manager

Arafa Holding, Swiss Garment Company (Egypt)

May 2009 to May 2014

• Analyze sales orders, make production plans, and consider the production lines capacity, the average output of each product, as well as the material delivery date and shipment date of each order.

• In order to ensure the effectiveness of the advance plan before the work starts, consult with the appropriate project team.

• Follow up all production processes to ensure that production follows the predetermined production plan, and also ensure that the production process is operated in the most effective way.

• Update production capacity plan and take corrective action if necessary.

• Conduct monthly capacity and performance analysis to ensure that forecasts and schedules are aligned and integrated.

• Analyze and identify problems in the production schedule plan.

• Ensure the issuance of work orders and purchase requisitions in the scheduled dates.

• Ensure daily production requirements meet consumer requirements.

• Follow the production process as planned to ensure the delivery order is delivered on time.

• In case of any clarification request during production, coordinate with stakeholders.

•  Keep in touch between departments and make recommendations.

• Participate in regular meetings, review work, discuss the general situation of the company, express opinions on results and decisions, and participate in the formulation and compilation of recommendations.

•  Assign work to professional staff and provide appropriate training.

Operations Manager

HSA Group (Yemen)

 April 2008 to April 2009

Hayel Saeed Anam & Co is a deep-rooted economic group. Its location is in the Republic of Yemen and spans in a number of countries worldwide. The group includes manufacturing (foods, Dairy, Butter), trading and service companies and institutions.

• Prepare production plans.

• Ensure the required raw material requirements, including quantity, required date and arrival date.

• During the production process, communicate with departments as necessary for verification production and troubleshooting.

• Interact with customers in the various stages of production to ensure the required specifications and quality level.

• Ensure that the work is carried out optimally and that products appear in the right store at the right time and in the right quantities.

• Follow up the daily update of all operations and issue daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periodic reports and statistics.

• Monitor production processes, analyze production reports and adjust schedules as needed.

• Plan, organize and control overall warehouse operations.
• Research to improve all warehouse operations and help warehouse team to store materials and final product in the right way to be easy and faster during release.

• Follow up warehouse reports, IN/OUT status report and dead stock report.

• Supervising the preparation of maintenance schedules and ensuring their implementation.

• Ensure that customer orders are completed on time and meet budget and quality standards.

• Managing, training and supervising junior staff.

Senior Planning Engineer

Concrete for Ready Made Garments (Egypt)

June 2001 to March 2008

• Plan, execute production plans, ensuring operations, timely delivery.

• Issued work orders regarding production plan schedule.

• Follow warehouse operation to ensure that the materials are delivered & released in the right time.

• Ensuring stock control systems up to date.

• Follow up processing work orders to ensure that all operations are processed as planned.