Logistics Application

September 2015

In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics management, prepare and design logistics management database application. Through this application, we can get all the shipping reports, such as packing list, invoice, etc. In addition, once the shipment data registration is completed, any inquiry can also be made.

Transporting goods using electric vehicles

August 2018

Propose to use electric vehicles to transport goods between production workshops and warehouses instead of manual transportation, which can reduce time, effort and cost and improve efficiency.

Monitoring the delivery of goods

January 2020

The purpose of designing this application is to better coordinate among various departments and warehouses of the company. Besides, drive profitability through the growth of material operations and finished products supplied from external parties to internal parties or from internal parties to external parties. In addition, it plays an efficiency management role throughout all aspects of the integrated supply chain, including planning, production, finance, procurement, logistics and identification sourcing, subcontracting and warehousing.

Parking area layout

March 2020

Propose the scheme of Lawrance Company's parking area, which can better park a large number of cars in the parking area of the company without assistance.